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Our NewCap Family

Ya... Kool is from a large family,
but here's our immediate family in the area...

We are a member of
Newcap Broadcasting's Alberta Radio Group, Eastern Region
and here is a list of our sister's from our area for you to check out:

Newcap Television is based out of Lloydminster
and are your local Global affiliate stations. Broadcasting all your
favorite Prime Time shows, sporting events (including Hockey Night in Canada) and frequent local news updates - and of course, Wayne's Entertainment Edge during the regions only LOCAL television news every week!


Wayne, well he's from the south and has a mix of everything
60's to now... but lots of 80's and 90's in his cd collection.


Home of the best classic rock in the Lakeland...
Our Cold Lake sister station has all your favourites and
gets the claim to fame of the most hair shaving at any of our stations in the region!


Real People. Real Music.
Based out of St. Paul, CHSP is home to all the latest
country songs... check out their site for all the details.


Real People. Real Music. Broadcasting in the midwest for over 60 years!
Lloyd is also home of the now famous - Celebrity Duets - Local Edition!


And if all of our local family isn't good 'nuff for ya,
we've got a LARGE family tree...
check out our entire clan at