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Kaleigh Abraham - Afternoon Host

Hey there, I’m Kaleigh Abraham and I’ll be joining you from 2 till 6pm! 


I have lots of energy (and I don't even drink coffee) and love to share it! I'm super proud that this wonderful community helped my reach and surpass my fundraising goal of $2500 for the 2016 Terry Fox Run, together we raised $4150! So I shaved my 18 inches of hair and donated it to be made into a wig! I'm a born and raised Alberta girl, through radio I got to live on Canada's east coast, in Cape Breton for eight months before arriving in Bonnyville in September 2014. I absolutely LOVE ELEPHANTS, my dream trip would be to Africa to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary.

With me, you'll get the scoop on lots of local events, play some really fun contests, warm & fuzzy stories, the occasional funny one along with tons of interesting tidbits!


Have something you want to share? Get a hold of me kabraham@newcap.ca